Frederick C. Robie House - 1909

Chicago, IL

Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright

American (1867-1959)

The Frederick C. Robie House is my favorite of FLW"s prairie homes and the development of this Revit model has provided me the opportunity to dive deep into its structure and details.
All image renderings are produced in Revit with minor adjustments made in Photoshop. This continues as a work in process as I work to build artglass window and door families plus authentic luminaires and furniture that respect the beauty of the originals.

External Views

Guest Entrance

Living Room Prow

Dining Room Prow

Southeast Corner To North

South Side To West

North Side Stairs to Terrace

Ground Floor/Guest Entrance

Guest Entrance

Guest Stairs to LR & DR

Entry Furniture

Guest Stairs to LR & DR

First Floor/Living Room

Guest Stairs to First Floor

Living Room Inglenook

Living Room Inglenook - Night

Living Room Artglass

Straight-back Chair & Footstool

Straight-back Chair & Footstool Night

First Floor/Dining Room

Dining Room East Day

Dining Room East Night

Dining Room West Day

Dining Room West Night

DR Table Corner Post Lamp Day

DR Table Corner Post Lamp Night

Second Floor/Family Bedrooms



Family Stairs

Family Stairs - Night

DIALUX Evo Renderings and Photometrics

The Revit model was exported in .IFC format and imported into DIALux Evo which provides superior photometric analysis plus its free! Outdoor luminaires were installed, photometrics produced and analyzed in order to tweak lumen outputs and satisfy foot candle standards.

Southeast Ground View

Southeast Aerial View

East Aerial View

Southwest Ground View

North Ground View

Guest Entrance

West Aerial View

Southeast Aerial View

Southwest Ground View

Revit Final Renderings

Upon arriving at the required footcandle output levels for luminaires in DIALux Evo, the Revit model was updated with the proper counts and locations of luminaires and the following renderings produced. Additional views in process.

View from Southeast at Dusk

View of Southwest at Dusk

View from AutoCourt at Dusk

Furniture, Luminaires, & Artglass Windows

Using plans of the Robie House issued by the Historical American Building Survey, Revit families were created for the following luminaires and furniture pieces that have been placed throughout the model.

DR Corner Post Lamp - Side View

DR Corner Post Lamp - End View

DR Corner Post Lamp

Master Dresser - Front View

Master Dresser - Side View

Master Dresser

Master Headboard

Master Footboard

Master Headboard

Dining Room Chair - Front View

Dining Room Chair - Side View

Dining Room Chair

Living Room Chair - Front View

Living Room Chair - Side View

Living Room Chair

Second Floor Window

Fireplace Andiron


Lovell Health House-1928

Los Angeles, CA

Architect: Richard Neutra

Austrian-American (1892-1970)

The following renderings were produced from an Autodesk Revit model. All furniture pieces in the images were designed by Richard Neutra for Lovell House and other projects throughout his career and all are currently produced by German manufacturer VS, GMBH. who provided the DWG files for conversion into Revit families for the model.



Tudor Outdoor Lighting Project - 2019

Hancock Park, Los Angeles

This outdoor lighting project, completed in April 2019, provides the home owner with increased security, improved nightime curb appeal, and event lighting for their 20,000 sf. property in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Download Project PDF Here

Revit Schedules and Floor Plans

Ray Tracings of Orthographic Property Views

Client Presentation Renderings

UCLA - Interior Architecture - Lighting Design - Fall Qtr 2018

Proposal for Mesh - A Restaurant and Bar

Download Project PDF

a100-Light Sources

a101-Exploded View

a102-Pub & Dining Room Sections

a103-Lounge & Cafe Sections

a106-Light Sources & Floor & RCP Plans

a301-Lighting Fixture Schedule

a401-Circuiting & Branch Panels

a501-Pub Elumtools

a502-Club Elumtools

a503-Dining Room Elumtools


Dining Room

Dining Room



Cafe Bar


Club Lounge

Club Lounge

UCLA - Interior Architecture - Surface Materials - Spring Qtr 2018

Finishes for Newly Built-out Office Suite

Assignment Prompt - Your Design team has been hired to Add finishes to a newly built out office suite. For this assignment, you will specify Wall and Textile (Window treatments) Finish Materials, Flooring and Work Surfaces and create a Finish schedule and provide specifications for each finish, material or surface treatment that you have specified. Manufacturers specification sheets which will be organized in a binder to be included with your final presentation.

The final design solution will be creative, highly decorative and utilize your abilities in taste level, style, materiality and material appropriateness for use. Your design will be custom and highly detailed with a clear design direction/ concept. Choices must reflect a style direction and any historical or contemporary references.

My Approach – After reviewing various media and arriving at the images found on the following inspiration palette, One image…top row, second from the right…became a key element in my design. The Da Cheng Design Co., Fuzhau, China, utilized the Chinese concept of the courtyard house in the design of pitched roof volumes for meeting rooms and creative director offices. The pitched roof became a key design element in this project and is a play, on both my surname, Roof, and my firm name under1roof design. This choice provided the opportunity to expand my Revit skillset in creating the roof and ceiling elements as, in this project, the offices of the Principal Architect, the Principal Designer, and the Theatre are all housed in pitched roof volumes.

UCLA - Construction Technology - Summer Qtr 2018

Commercial Building with MEP

UCLA - Interior Architecture - Lighting Design - Fall Qtr 2018

Design for a Creative Office

Assignment Prompt - You have been hired to develop and design a lighting plan for a Creative Office Space. Your client, a small Interior Design partnership needs you, as the designer, to provide a design concept and development for a lighting plan that will work for their combination of offices including the following:

  • Small Resource Room/ Studio
  • Reception area with work area for 1 receptionist admin asst/ seating for 6 guests
  • 2 Executive Offices
  • Office Manager/ Human Resources Office
  • 2 Junior Designer offices
  • 1-2 Assistant/ Intern workstations
  • Storage area for supplies/ cleaning equip and supplies
  • Employee Kitchen. Break Room
  • Conference Room

  • You will be responsible for the design process from Concept to product specification, layout, switching, wiring and wattage loads; schematic design and design development.